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Prenatal Care, Labor and Delivery

We believe that pregnancy is a normal, healthy process and that childbirth is an event, not a “procedure.” Our role is to promote wellness and to provide education, support, self-care and appropriate health screenings to monitor the health of you and your growing baby.

About your prenatal care at Reading Health Physician Network - Reading Birth Center

  • We offer longer appointment times to answer questions and address your specific concerns.
  • We focus on education, offering classes about pregnancy, nutrition and breastfeeding. There is an extensive library at the Birth Center for your use.
  • We encourage your involvement and we enjoy talking with you. Ask us about anything that’s on your mind. Our team provides up-to-date information and resources on:

    • good nutrition
    • prenatal exercise
    • the growth and development of your baby
    • avoiding toxic substances and dangerous activities
    • preparing for childbirth

Labor and Delivery with the Reading Health Physician Network - Reading Birth Center team

  • Our midwives will attend your birth whether it is in your home, the Birth Center, or at Reading Hospital.
  • During labor you are free to walk about and eat. You choose the way you want to give birth. At no time are you separated from your baby after you deliver.
  • Equipment is readily available in the Birth Center and for home births to initiate care for common emergencies. If the need for hospitalization for the mother occurs, care is provided by the midwives and our collaborative obstetrician at the Reading Hospital, two miles from the Birth Center. Care for newborns requiring hospitalization is provided by our collaborative pediatrician or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Reading Hospital.

Post-partum care and support

  • Our extensive post-partum follow up care includes a home visit for women who give birth out of hospital, and for all new moms, two post-partum office visits and daily phone calls.
  • Assistance with breastfeeding is available with our on staff international board-certified lactation consultant.


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